Ability Pediatric Therapy Partners with Austin, Texas, Based CareStarter Technologies

March 29, 2016 - Austin, Texas

Ability Pediatric Therapy & Nursing, a San Antonio, Texas, based pediatric therapy and nursing company, has selected Austin, Texas based CareStarter Technologies to improve the patient experience with their newly launched Referral Portal. CareStarter Technologies is a patient centered care technology providing pediatric patients and their caregivers access to information at the moment of diagnosis and beyond.

“We’re excited to enhance our already robust services and resources in the San Antonio community. We are focused on providing enhanced patient care and resources that include personalized patient referral lists that are easily accessible by your mobile device for our caregivers who are always on the go,” said Pam Goble, CEO of Ability Pediatric Therapy & Nursing.

As part of the Referral Portal, CareStarter Technologies will provide intelligent technology, including the ability to enhance current resource distribution using mobile technologies, organize as well as manage resources and lists in a centralized location and CareStarter’s Referral Portal, which is designed to help provide analytics to improve the patient experience.

Ability Pediatric Therapy & Nursing is committed to providing high quality care to the children and families they serve. They are also dedicated in assisting their families to achieve their highest potential by providing them access to technology that will help them organize their daily activities related to self-care, home management, community participation, education, work and/or leisure into their daily routines.

Both Ability Pediatric Therapy & Nursing and CareStarter Technologies are committed to supporting high touch and high quality pediatric resources and support through what CareStarter CEO, Lamarque Polvado calls 360 degrees of care.

“CareStarter is excited for our partnership with Ability Pediatric Therapy & Nursing. Our organizations are aligned in their support of 360 degrees of care where patients are people. A person should not be defined by their diagnosis,” said CareStarter Founder and CEO, Lamarque Polvado.

“The digital revolution has changed the way our families and caregivers search for support, information and resources within their community” said Goble. “Our patients need access to better tools and more innovative technologies than ever before. Healthcare providers and pediatric organizations like Ability Pediatric Therapy & Nursing are excited to use CareStarter’s technologies to provide resources and services that are more tailored to our clients needs.”

About Ability Pediatric Therapy & Nursing

Ability Pediatric Therapy & Nursing is a San Antonio, Texas, based therapy and nursing company committed to providing high-touch high-quality therapy and nursing services to children. Ability Pediatric Therapy & Nursing mission is focused on helping children reach their maximum ability. They have been named a top San Antonio, Texas, best places to work in 2015 and 2013. Visit http://www.abilitypediatrictherapy.com/ for more information.

About CareStarter Technologies, Inc.

CareStarter Technologies is revolutionizing continuity and scope of care between pediatric patients and healthcare systems at the point of diagnosis. CareStarter strives to give all families access to information, inspiration, and 360 degrees of care from the moment of diagnosis. By partnering with the Connections Project and the provider community in Texas, CareStarter has been able to bring thousands of resources to caregivers throughout the state. Visit http://www.carestarter.co for more information.