Caregiver Inspirational Series: Ruby's Rainbow

CareStarter is thrilled to be hosting a new series of webinars: the Caregiver Inspirational Series! This series is focused on sharing the stories of caregivers like you, with the goal of empowering you in your journey with the person you care for, as well as coming together as a community to turn that inspiration into action.

This month, we were lucky enough to be joined by Liz and Tim Plachta, co-founders of Ruby's Rainbow. They shared their captivating story of receiving the diagnosis of Down syndrome for their youngest daughter, Ruby, finding that the information readily available just didn't match their experience, and redefining their path.

Ruby's Rainbow is one part of filling a gap that Liz and Tim identified - that once a person with Down syndrome passes adolescence, and graduates from high school, the options for continuing education begin to evaporate. However, the drive and ability of people with Down syndrome certainly continues, unabated. Ruby's Rainbow supports adults with Down syndrome in opening doors for lifelong learning by providing scholarships for individuals seeking post-secondary education, enrichment or vocational classes.

Inspired to Act?

Take the 3/21 Pledge today!

In three simple steps, you can support Ruby's Rainbow and their mission of supporting adults with Down syndrome access higher education opportunities:

  • Step 1: Donate just $21.
  • Step 2: Pledge to be kind and considerate to ALL.
  • Step 3: Ask three friends to take the pledge.

Want to find out more before committing to the 3/21 Pledge? Visit the website HERE.

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