CareStarter Featured on The Mighty and ABC News Media Oulets

It's been an exciting week at CareStarter. We've been featured by both the popular special needs and inspirational blog, The Mighty and ABC News. (Click here to see The Mighty's Coverage of CareStarter. Click here to see the CareStarter story on ABC News.)

Both news outlets featured CareStarter CEO, Lamarque Polvado and his family's story and his daughter's autism diagnosis that provided him the inspiration to create the pediatric and special needs resource and mobile app you see today.

The impersonal experiences Lamarque and his family encountered after his daughter's autism diagnosis gave him the inspiration to create a resource for parents and caregivers focused on providing resources for them at their fingertips.


CareStarter's Commitment to 360 Degrees of Pediatric Care

The CareStarter team is honored and excited for Lamarque and CareStarter to be featured on both these well-respected media outlets. We are committed to providing resources focused on 360 degrees of pediatric care, and we need your help.

CareStarter and our team is only as good as the community of parents and providers who use our app every single day. If you are supportive of CareStarter and our commitment to free resources for parents and providers, we'd ask that you share our app with friends, family, parents and other providers who would benefit from the resources we provide. (Click here to learn how to share the app.)