For Caregivers: an Introduction to CareStarter 3.0

In the latest chapter of expanding information and resources available to caregivers, we are proud to introduce CareStarter 3.0. With adjustments to the app interface and search mechanics, as well as the addition of the user-requested Event Module, we seek to continue improving your options to connect with others and find the best resources for the path you choose in caring for your loved ones.

CareStarter is here for caregivers, the patients in their lives, and the providers who seek to most effectively support them. In the latest chapter of working for caregivers, the CareStarter team is immensely excited to announce the release of the 3.0 version of the CareStarter app. This update was driven by the generous feedback from users and with the consistent goal to expand the resources available at your fingertips.


If you are a current user of the CareStarter app, your profile and all of your data will remain intact. Once the app is updated, the new changes will already be available for you with your existing account. Among the changes you will see in the app is a new home screen as part of our updated interface and to accommodate the new Event Module.

The Event Module is an option for providers to showcase the events they are planning and to ensure caregivers can easily organize the events in which they are interested.

The Events icon leads you to a list of events in your area based on your existing profile settings. Our update includes streamlining our search mechanic so that you can easily explore events by browsing or adjusting search terms, navigate to further information, and add events you are interested in to your personal list. Your My Events page provides you with a concise list of the events you have saved for easier planning, which you can also access via the updated Lists section.


Of course, the functionality you are familiar with - profiles, category-based resource searching, resource maps, referral lists, etc. - are still active! This update is purely to expand the options for your networking and connecting with providers and events.

As always, please feel free to give Feedback on the App to help us best fit your needs!

For New Users and Connections App Users:

If you are brand new to CareStarter, our page on the CareStarter App provides more information about our free tool for caregivers of kids, teens, and young adults with special needs.

If you currently use the Connections app, please note that the Connections app will not receive this update. For this and future updates, please consider downloading the CareStarter App. Your account login and profile settings from the Connections app will work on the CareStarter app in an effort to make this change as smooth as possible!

Download CareStarter via the CareStarter App page for caregivers and patients now!