For Providers: an Introduction to CareStarter 3.0

The CareStarter team is excited to announce the release of the 3.0 version of our app! This update includes an addition that is crucial to share with providers - the Event Module. The Event Module is an option for providers to share their events in the app to improve visibility and attendance. Caregivers can utilize the app to browse or search for the events that they are interested in, ensuring mutually beneficial use of the CareStarter app.

Welcome to CareStarter 3.0! This new update to our app includes an updated interface, streamlined search mechanics, and the Event Module.

The Event Module is an option for providers to submit their events to the app. Caregivers, through browsing or specific searching, can save the events to a personal list for ease of planning.

The CareStarter team has put together a webinar to introduce providers to the Event Module. This webinar focuses on three main topics:

  • Topic 1: Events Come to the CareStarter App! Show and Tell
  • Topic 2: How to submit an Event to the CareStarter App?
  • Topic 3: How can my organization benefit from participating?

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This update is intended to be mutually beneficial for providers and caregivers: providers have the option to expand awareness and attendance for their events, and caregivers have greater access to information for what events are in their area.

If you are ready to submit an event, please visit our Online Form!