How to Create Bookmarks in Carestarter & Connections

In our everyday lives we engage and encounter so much information and resources, that we are often left feeling overwhelmed. Thinking about patient care resources is no different, which is why I’m particularly excited about the bookmark feature offered by the Carestarter platform.

Update: You may notice that details about Connections are disappearing! That's because the Connections app will be going away as we focus more on bringing faster and better updates to the CareStarter app. Don't worry, your Connections login will work on CareStarter! Swap Over to CareStarter now!

Step 1: Search and Locate a Resource.

You can read more about utilizing the search function within our platforms by clicking here. You can either search by keyword or specific category. We help you locate a provider within a mile radius of your choosing of your zip code, connecting you to resources that are located within driving distance of your home, work, school, or other preferred location. Click here to access the tutorial on our provider search.

Step 2: Bookmark a Provider.

Once you have searched for and selected a resource or provider you are interested in contacting, or talking about with family members or friends, select “Add to List.” From here, you will have two choices. You can either 1) Add them to My Bookmarks or 2) Add to My Providers.

Adding them to your bookmark allows you to save the provider to share with others or to go back and research more at a later date. Adding a resource as a provider means that you or one of the patients listed under your profile are actively visiting them as part of a diagnosis.


Step 3: Create a Bookmark or Use a Bookmark List

Once you have selected to “Add a Bookmark” you will be prompted to add a provider to one of the bookmark lists or you can “Create a New Bookmark List” by clicking on the button on the bottom of your screen.

As one option, I suggest naming your list the name of the patient, the type of provider and the city. This is especially helpful if you have multiple patients, providers or are seeing professionals in different cities or travel frequently.

Step 4: Access Your Bookmarks After Saved

After saving your bookmarks, you can access them at any time from the home screen by simply selecting the “Lists” button. You can access your bookmarks by profile and can toggle between profile and select the list you wish to view.

Check out our newest features and resources by downloading Connections App on Android, iTunes or access online.

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