How to Create & Edit a Provider List

It is Mahatma Gandhi who said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” CareStarter provides caregivers with access to information empowering them to make the best health and patient decisions to nurture our “real wealth” as Gandhi explained.

With information, there is real power. Organizing that information is especially important when faced with a world wide web full of options. It can be overwhelming, if not paralyzing.

A terrific feature in the CareStarter app is the provider feature. It allows you to organize your provider list by patient and connect you to all the providers' important information including addresses, phone numbers, and websites.

Step 1: Search and Locate a Resource

In this tutorial, I’m assuming you understand how to search within the CareStarter platform. If you do not, then please click here. On the home screen, select “Lists.” On the next screen, you will click the “My Providers” button where you will then either access your already established Provider Lists or you can Add a New Provider.

Each patient or profile listed on your account has a different list of providers. You can access your list and select them individually to be connected to their phone number, website address, or physical office location.

*Note: A bookmark is different than a provider list. Click here to read more about bookmarks. Adding a resource as a provider means that you or one of the patients listed under your profile are actively visiting them as part of a diagnosis.


Step 2: Add or Update a Provider to Your List

Once you select “Add New Provider,” you will be prompted to search either by keyword or category.

Select the provider you wish to add to your list. You will be directed to their profile page where you will select “Add to List” and then "Add to My Providers..."

Step 3: Complete the Addition to Your Provider List

Going forward, any time you log in or access the home screen, you simply select "Lists" to be connected to your provider list. If a provider isn’t listed, make sure that you have selected the correct patient profile.