How to Edit, Update & Share a Patient Profile

Your patient profile in the CareStarter app is the key to accessing great resources. We work hard to provide an easy-to-use caregiver experience that’s intuitive and fluid for you, your patient, and family.

A great feature that’s often not discussed is the patient profile sharing feature. Easily share a profile of your family member, like a child, with another parent, loved one, or spouse.

Step 1: Select the Profile to Edit

From the home screen, select “Profiles” to view the profiles associated with your CareStarter account. Select or touch the profile you wish to edit, share, or update.

Step 2: Edit or Update a Profile

Once you select the “Edit Patient Profile” button you are prompted to update the profile information including the patient's name, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, your caregiver information, and the insurance information associated with their profile.

Users will also be prompted to add, edit, or update diagnosis information associated with the patient. Click here to learn more about editing, updating or adding a patient diagnosis.


Step 3: Share and Manage Profiles

Easily share a patient profile by selecting the “Manage Sharing” after selecting “Profiles" from the main screen, and selecting the desired profile to share. Select the “Manage Sharing” button, and share the profile using an email address and/or mobile phone number.

They will receive a mobile and/or email message prompting them to create a CareStarter account. The shared profile is automatically associated with their new account.

*Note: Simply revoke access to shared profile by following the above steps but at the Profile Sharing screen select the “Revoke Access” hyperlink to the right of the person’s phone number or email address.