How to Get a Mobile Phone in Texas with the LifeLine Discount Program

At CareStarter, we believe your mobile and smartphone device is your connecting point to the outside world and believe that all individuals should take advantage of their right and eligibility to have a mobile phone especially when it comes to access to family resources and patient focused technology like our Pediatric Resource App.

The Lifeline program started in 1985 and provides a discount on phone service for qualifying low-income consumers to ensure that all Americans have the opportunities and security that a phone and smartphone device bring. We believe families and individuals should be able to connect to our CareStarter resources, their job, family, support and emergency services. In this article, we discuss the LifeLine low income phone program for the state of Texas only.

Individuals are eligible if they meet certain low-income, federal or state program requirements. Lifeline is provided in every state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal lands. State specific special requirements also apply. Consumers who are interested in enrolling in the Lifeline mobile phone program are able with proper proof of eligibility.

In this graphic below, you can see the flowchart which will help you determine if you are eligible. More detailed information is listed in the text below.


Assistance Programs Eligible for Mobile Phones in Texas

In order to be eligible for the Lifeline program in Texas individuals must either have an income that is at or below 150% of the federal Poverty Guidelines or participate in one of the following assistance programs:

  • Head Start (if income eligibility criteria are met)

  • State assistance programs (if applicable).

By following the questions in the flowchart above, you can determine if you meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

More About the LifeLine Mobile Phone Program in Texas

Only one phone is available per household under the LifeLine program. You can either have an already existing landline or mobile phone with a carrier or you can set up a new account. An eligible consumer may receive a discount on either a wireline or wireless service, but not both. The Lifeline program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). You can visit their website for the most updated requirements.

Important program eligibility requirements and reminders include:

  • Lifeline is available only to eligible subscribers.

  • Only one Lifeline benefit is permitted per household. Federal rules prohibit subscribers from receiving more than one Lifeline service. If a subscriber or his or her household currently has more than one Lifeline discounted service, they must select a single provider immediately or be subject to penalties.

  • You must have proof of eligibility are qualified to enroll and are required to re-certify every year in order to be eligible to continue to receive the discount.

Once you have determined that you meet the basic eligibility criteria as listed above, you will need to determine your household income which are displayed below also here.


How to Apply for Your Mobile Phone with LifeLine Discount

Once you determine you meet the eligibility requirements, you can go to the phone carrier and work with them to obtain a landline phone or mobile device. Bring your documentation (as described in the graphic above) with you and/or be prepared to provide it upon request. In order to receive the discount, you will need to mention the LifeLine program. If you already have a phone, you will work with your existing phone or telecommunications company. Make sure to have additional information about yourself available including your

  • First and last name

  • Mailing address

  • Date of birth

  • Last 4 of your social security number (or Tribal verification number)

Below, is a list of phone companies in Texas both landline and wireless companies that you can contact if you do not have existing phone service. Included in the chart is the service type they offer either wireless or home landline. Click here to access the most up to date list for the state of Texas.

Name/Phone/Service Type

Access Wireless/888-900-5899/Wireless

Assurance Wireless/888-898-4888/Wireless

AT&T Mobility/800-377-9450/Wireless

Blue Jay Wireless/855-425-8529/Wireless

Budget Mobile/888-777-4007/Wireless

CGKC and H RCLP NO 2/Wireless

En Touch Wireless/866-488-8719/Wireless

Mid-Tex Celluar/325-646-0972/Wireless

Panhandle Telecommunication Systems/800-562-2556/Wireless


Q Link Wireless/855-754-6543/Wireless

Reachout Wireless/877-870-9444/Wireless

Safelink Wireless/800-723-3546/Wireless

Sage Telecom/866-385-7281/Wireless

StandUP Wireless/800-544-4441/Wireless

Tag Mobile/866-959-4918/Wireless


Total Call Mobile/800-661-7391/Wireless

True Wireless/877-818-7464/Wireless

TX RSA 15B2/Wireless

West Central Wireless/325-944-9016/Wireless

Telrite Corporation dba Life Wireless/888-543-3620/Wireless

Alenco Communications/ACI/800-628-5371/Home Phone

AMA TechTel Communications/888-797-1444/Home Phone

AT&T/800-288-2020/Home Phone

Big Bend Telephone Company/800-592-4781/Home Phone

Blossom Telephone Company/903-982-5200/Home Phone

Border to Border Communications, Inc./956-936-2000/Home Phone

Brazoria Telephone Company/800-396-2910/Home Phone

Brazos Telecommunications/800-687-3222/Home Phone

Cameron Telephone Company/800-737-3900/Home Phone

Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative of the Panhandle/806-271-3336/Home Phone

Central Texas Telephone Cooperative/800-535-8904/Home Phone

CenturyLink/800-407-5411/Home Phone

Coleman County Telephone Cooperative/800-439-1723/Home Phone

Colorado Valley

Cooperative, Inc./800-242-5911/Home Phone

Community Telephone Company/800-794-6407/Home Phone

Consolidated Communications of Texas Company/866-989-2255/Home Phone

Cumby Telephone Cooperative/903-994-2211/Home Phone

Cutter Communications/Home Phone

Dell Telephone Coop/800-245-2991/Home Phone

Eastex Telephone Cooperative, Inc./800-732-7839/Home Phone

Electra Telephone Company/940-495-2192/Home Phone

ENMR Telephone Cooperative dba Plateau/877-752-8328/Home Phone

ENMR Telephone Cooperative, Inc./800-432-2369/Home Phone

Etex Telephone Cooperative/877-482-3839/Home Phone

ETS Telephone Company/281-225-1000/Home Phone

Five Area Telephone Cooperative, Inc./806-272-5533/Home Phone

Ganado Telephone Company/888-395-1499/Home Phone

Grande Communications Networks/512-220-4600/Home Phone

GVTC/800-367-4882/Home Phone

Hill Country Telephone Cooperative/800-292-5457Home Phone

Industry Telephone Company/888-212-8872/Home Phone

La Ward Telephone Exchange/877-872-2213/Home Phone

Lake Livingston Telephone Company/936-556-4000/Home Phone

Lipan Telephone Company/254-646-2211/Home Phone

Livingston Telephone Company/936-327-4309/Home Phone

Mid-Plains Rural Telephone/806-668-4420/Home Phone

Muenster Telephone Corporation of Texas/940-759-2251/Home Phone

NTS Communications/800-658-2150/Home Phone

NTS Telephone Company/800-658-2150/Home Phone

Peoples Telephone Coop/800-333-9779/Home Phone

Poka Lambro Telephone/806-924-7234/Home Phone

Quality Telephone/877-469-7835/Home Phone

Riviera Telephone Company/361-296-3232/Home Phone

Sage Telecom/866-385-7281/Home Phone

Santa Rosa/888-886-2217/Home Phone

Santa Rosa Telephone/888-886-2217/Home Phone

Smartcom Telephone/888-302-1125/Home Phone

South Plains Telephone Cooperative/806-763-2301/Home Phone

Southwest Texas Telephone Company/830-683-2111/Home Phone

Tatum Telephone Company/903-947-2222.Home Phone

Taylor Telephone/800-238-4155/Home Phone

TerraCom/877-351-4747Home Phone

Totelcom Communications/254-893-1000/Home Phone

TSI Telephone Co/866-392-7123/Home Phone

Unity/855-864-8999/Home Phone

USFon/512-888-1300/Home Phone

Valley Telecom Group/800-421-5711/Home Phone

VTX Telecom/800-446-2031/Home Phone

W.T. Services/800-360-9000/Home Phone

WES-TEX Telecommunications/432-756-3826/Home Phone

West Plains/806-272-5533/Home Phone

West Texas Rural Tel. Coop./888-440-4331/Home Phone

Windstream Communications/800-347-1991/Home Phone

WT Services/806-360-9000/Home Phone

XIT/800-232-3312/Home Phone

More Information About the LifeLine Program Works in Texas

After you meet the basic eligibility requirements and have worked with your preferred phone provider, you will receive a discount and in some cases no deposit is required for new phone services. For example, AT&T offers services for those eligible for LifeLine for as low as $12.00 per month. They also waive the deposit for local service, block 900 and 976 numbers, allow for additional lines at an extra fee as well as other optional services at an extra cost.