How to Search for Resources in Carestarter & Connections App(s)

Once you have created a profile, or profiles, on the Carestarter platform, it is time to start taking advantage of the importance of search and tapping into the resources that Carestarter has to offer.

Update: You may notice that details about Connections are disappearing! That's because the Connections app will be going away as we focus more on bringing faster and better updates to the CareStarter app. Don't worry, your Connections login will work on CareStarter! Swap Over to CareStarter now!

Step 1 - Select Profile to do Search

Select the profile of the person or patients you wish to search for resources for. Make sure to include the correct zip code. Start the search the by selecting a category or search by keyword to start your search.


Step 2 - Search by Category

Start the search by selecting a category or search by keyword to start your search.

Search by category by touching or clicking on the category for resources you want to search. In the example below, I am searching for “Therapy” in the zip code 78744. A list of 307 resources near me pops up. In the example below, I select “Physical and Rehab.” I immediately have 101 resources to choose from, including many featured providers.

Users are also able to view all the resources via map view to give you a better sense of drive time and commute from your work or home location to the resource address.

Select the resource you want to explore more. If you have added your insurance information to your patient profile, recommendations will be starred that are an insurance match. In this example, Ability HomeCare in San Antonio, TX matches with my insurance, and I decide I want to learn more about them.


Step 3 - Connect with a Provider

Select the provider you wish to learn more about and within our app you can connect with them by phone, on the web, via map or by adding them to a provider list or bookmark for later use or sharing with your patient, family or other caregivers.

In this example, I select Ability HomeCare. I am able to call them, view them on the map, visit their website or add them to a list.

Step 4 - Suggest a Provider

We’re always looking to improve our listings and would love users, patients as well as providers, to suggest other provider. Simply submit a suggestion and, if available, add the name, address, website and practitioner name to the profile for us to consider adding to the Carestarter app.


Check out our newest features and resources by downloading the CareStarter App on Android, iTunes or access online.

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