Non-Profit, Family to Family Partners with Patient Centered Care Technology, CareStarter

December 9, 2015 - Austin, Texas

Family to Family Network, a Houston, Texas-based nonprofit organization that provides parent support, education and training events on the special educational process and disabilities diagnosis information is partnering with Austin, Texas, based CareStarter Technologies. CareStarter Technologies is a patient centered care technology providing patients and their caregivers access to information at the moment of diagnosis and beyond.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 15% of children aged 3 through 17 years have one or more development disabilities. The Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000, defines a developmental disability as a severe chronic disability of an individual that is attributed to a mentor of physical impairment or combination, is manifested by the age 22, likely continues indefinitely, results in substantial functional limitations in three or more life care activities and reflects the individual’s need for a combination of services, support or assistance that are lifelong or extended and planned and coordinated.

Both Family to Family Network and CareStarter Technologies are committed to supporting children with a developmental disability diagnosis and their caregivers and families.

“CareStarter is excited for our partnership with Family to Family Network. Both our organizations are committed to providing families with day to day resources and support,” said CareStarter Founder and CEO, Lamarque Polvado.

Patient centered care and resources are the heart of what both Family to Family and CareStarter are about.

“When families have information and training – they can make good decisions. When needs are met and supports are obtained, families are healthier, children benefit, and outcomes for young adults with disabilities are optimized. Technologies like CareStarter are key for a family’s future success,” says Family to Family Network Executive Director, Mary Jane Williams.

About Family to Family Network

Family to Family Network is a Houston, Texas, based non-profit organization committed to providing Individualized Educational Program or IEP parent support, education and training events on the special education process, developmental disabilities diagnosis information, and referral to community resources in order to ensure success for children with disabilities. The Mission of Family to Family Network is to help families of children with disabilities by providing information, training, referral and support as they navigate the complex system of education, healthcare and social services.

About CareStarter Technologies, Inc.

CareStarter Technologies is revolutionizing continuity and scope of care between pediatric patients and healthcare systems at the point of diagnosis. CareStarter strives to give all families access to information, inspiration, and 360 degrees of care from the moment of diagnosis. By partnering with the Connections Project and the provider community in Texas, CareStarter has been able to bring thousands of resources to caregivers throughout the state.Visit for more information.

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