Stories from the Farm Party and Bonfire

The CareStarter Farm Party and Bonfire was a big success! It was truly amazing for us to gather such a diverse and amazing group of people on my farm in String Prairie, TX. String Prairie has a population of 34 people, so with over 50 people at the party, we nearly tripled the population for a day! Some came early, most came later, but it was clear that fun was had by all.

It is not hard to have a great time when you bring quality people together who are passionate about the Special Care Industry. See below for some of my favorite moments and stories from the party. Thank you to Rafael from Learning Foundations for sharing some great pictures with us!

The Bonfire!

The highlight of any farm party is the bonfire! Our bonfire would make any redneck proud! We started with a 7 foot high pyramid stack of wood and kept it fed until 2 a.m.

You can't have a bonfire without roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. I am pretty sure Ashlyn ate the most hot dogs with 4 and Rieland ate the most s'mores with 7! A big thanks to Ashley Irby for bringing joy to all of the kids, and some adults, with the glow in the dark sticks, balls, and crafty paraphernalia.


The Food!

This party was an amazing potluck! I must say that if you did not like the food at this party, there is something seriously wrong with you. Many of you know my hobby is the art of smoking meat and man did we have plenty of meat: Barbecue Brisket, Elgin Hot Sausage, Beer Soaked Bratwurst, Garlic Rubbed Chicken, and Country Style Pork Ribs! It makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Then, there were the awesome sides brought: Rafael & Sofia Scarnati brought an amazing Buffalo Chicken Dip, and a family recipe dessert that was both cool and delicious! I don't know the name of this dessert, but I am calling it "Strawberry Greatness." More delectable desserts came from Jim Thaler who brought Cherry Pie, Martha Dorrow who brought "Beer Stout Ginger Cake", and Ashley Irby's killer Truffle Potato Salad and Homemade Peach Cobbler. And of course, there was the S'more Cookoff if you stayed for the bonfire! I know I am leaving out many more, but you are just going to have to trust me they were all extremely delish.


The People!

It can be a challenge to find quality people to hang out with on the weekends. Individuals who share our passion and can sit around engaging in quality conversations. There is no way I can convey every conversation that took place, but here are a couple of highlights: Jim Ayers told the funniest story about his "Walmart Injury" and the storm watching party on the front porch led by Martha Dorrow and Marie Ostermeier.

The Activities!

Jeff Baylis got a new basketball partner as he shot some hoops on the farm with Ashlyn Polvado. Christopher Williams shot his first BB gun and sliced the can right open. Julie Scarnati showed everyone just how cool the bounce house was. Ashley Irby pulled off a full flip in the bounce house which impressed us all!

As for the older kids, they had an Xbox 360 tournament inside that made the house look like a college frat party led by Noah Polvado with Digby, Squirel, Athony, Keith, Cooper, and Rieland participating. Other sports played this weekend included soccer, football, horseshoes, eSports (Xbox360), and the famous BB Gun shootout! Let just say there was plenty to do and great people to do it with.


You Missed Out - Now What?

We know many of you missed out, but that's okay! We are already planning the Fall Fest Farm Party and Hay Ride for the autumn! Be on the look out for a save the date soon.