What is Caring is Sharing?

Last week, we hosted a networking and kickoff luncheon for San Antonio, Texas, called Caring is Sharing. The Caring is Sharing luncheon allows for networking among our great community and also serves as an opportunity to touch base and share with our friends, partners and providers exciting announcements and updates for CareStarter and our technologies.

What is Caring is Sharing?

Caring is Sharing celebrates the ability to share resources and information with pediatrics and special needs providers in the one of five metro areas where our resources are currently available in. At present, CareStarter is currently available in the following Texas markets: the Waco area, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

The Caring is Sharing luncheon and networking signals the kick off of a four week campaign where we actively reach out to partners and providers in the caring is sharing city focused on promoting the sharing and availability of patient and provider resources, information and community for families in San Antonio. We rely on our caregivers, partners and providers to actively share our mobile app using our Quick Share Feature via mobile phone or email address.

The Number #1 Pediatric Resource in Texas

We pride ourselves on the fact we are the #1 pediatric resource in Texas centrally focused on providing patient focused technology and resources for families and caregivers of children. In 2016, we are not only committed to expanding into five more new markets further expanding the resources available in our technologies.

These are just the few of the things that our CEO, Lamarque Polvado talked about during the San Antonio luncheon. We had several requests for a copy of our presentation deck which is why I’ve included an embedded copy of our San Antonio Caring is Sharing presentation.