CareStarter Platform


CareStarter automates and scales care management to every pediatric patient across well and special care. Our platform empowers physicians/pediatricians to focus on medical mysteries/diagnosis while we deliver resources to patients and their families advancing patient-centered care and providing persistent information to empower them to make better health decisions.

Having proven out the benefits of the CareStarter platform through pilots with diverse types of pediatric providers, CareStarter's first case study demonstrated a number of impacts. CareStarter is well-equipped to assist any pediatric-focused organization engage, support, and resource the families with which they work.

Anyone interested in discussing how CareStarter can support their organization or learning more about CareStarter's case study is encouraged to schedule a short call with CareStarter's founder, Lamarque Polvado, by clicking the Request a Demo! button in the bottom right corner.

CareStarter's Impact


Delivery Effectiveness

CareStarter delivers resources digitally, accessible via mobile devices and computers. Resource lists are made available within the CareStarter app as well as emailed to the user. Lists within the app are updated as a resource's information changes (e.g. a person receives a recreation resource that moves to a new location, their CareMap will show them the new location). With no risk of a printed paper being lost, CareStarter reduces redundancy of a person requiring the same information multiple times and increases the likelihood of a family accessing a resource, as the information is easily available when the family is ready.


Engagement Tracking

CareStarter provides robust information and data around which families have accessed resources, allowing care managers to focus their energies on the highest-risk families.


Persistent Support

Long-term adoption campaigns gauge interactions over time, improving support and inspiration beyond that of what traditional care management can accomplish. All messaging and resourcing is centered around building resiliency to not only improve a family's current circumstance, but also ensure any future hardship is met with rapid, informed action.


Expanded Knowledge

Utilizing a platform specifically geared toward building resource lists specific to a family's situation (any diagnoses, Zip code, and age of the child), CareStarter reduces the time required by staff to research any area with which they are less familiar. CareStarter does this work during rollout through an extensive network of Master's-level social workers and extensive review of relevant data.