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CareStarter and Travis Air Force Base

CareStarter is a tech start up with a passion to assist families with finding quality resources when caring for a family member with special needs. Travis Air Force Base has partnered with CareStarter to support military families enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). CareStarter looks forward to sending individualized Travis community resources that you can print out from your email and then access directly from your phone!

Step 1: Request a CareMap

The first step is to request a CareMap. A CareMap is a powerful tool that is designed according to the age and diagnosis of the EFMP family member. A CareMap includes diagnosis-specific Medical, Therapy, Education, Nutrition, Family, and Recreation care resources within the Travis Air Force Base and surrounding communities. CareMap resources are inside the 50-mile radius and covered by TRICARE when possible.

  • If you have received your travel recommendation, the Travis AFB EFMP-Medical Team has taken care of requesting a CareMap for you.
  • If you have not received your CareMap yet, here are a few steps that can help with that.
  1. Check your spam folder. If it has still not arrived, do not panic.
  2. You may personally Request a CareMap for your EFMP family member (please submit a civilian email when filling out the CareMap Request Form).

  3. Proceed to Step 2: CareStarter App and Complete your Profile below.

Please take 2 minutes to watch the welcome video.

You will be introduced to Jessica Hulter, Family Champion and Maribeth Slagle, Provider Champion!

Step 2: Download the CareStarter Mobile App & Complete Your Profile

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By downloading the CareStarter mobile app to your phone, a caregiver will gain access to an ecosystem of additional medical, therapy, education, nutrition, family support, and recreation community resources. If you run into any difficulty with downloading the CareStarter app, here are some tips that might help.

After downloading the app, complete the Patient Profile by building a profile for each EFMP member you are requesting a CareMap for. Once the profile section is completed, you can access the CareMap, as well as a vast database of additional resources and maps to those resource locations, wherever you are, whenever you want!

Here are just a few additional benefits you can access on your CareStarter app right away:

  • Creating Bookmarks that allow you to save the provider, to share with others, or to go back and research more later
  • Accessing Community Event listings: as events are added, you will have access to learning about area resource offerings and connecting to your new community as time allows.
  • Building your own digital Care Team and sharing your patient profiles with your spouse and other family or friends that assist with care. This allows you to begin building a care plan that best fits the individual needs of the EFMP member, caregiver, and family the moment you have access.

Step 3: Review the App Tutorials

By accessing the App Troubleshooting and Tutorial sections below, a caregiver will be able to overcome technical difficulties when accessing resources, as well as learn how to search for resources, create bookmarks, and even begin building a digital Care Team! We hope these powerful tools will help within your care journey. CareStarter wants to thank you for your service…We salute you!


CareStarter is devoted to supporting all families, and is especially honored to support service members and their families. If you are a military connected caregiver and would like to find out more about what CareStarter can do for you, please explore our “Families” page.

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Having technical difficulties with the CareStarter Mobile App? Here are a few quick ideas to try.

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Interested in learning more about how to use the CareStarter App like how to create a patient profile, how to search for resources?

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Hear more about our work with Travis Air Force, how area providers are actively taking measures to meet community need, and how your resource can invest locally and impact globally!

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