Gillian Ring


Gillian has had an unquenchable curiosity for all things. From a childhood filled with science, ballet, music, and travel, to an education at Southwestern University in International Studies and time studying in China, her focus on diverse experiences and a wide variety of fields is driven by a desire to understand how the pieces all fit together. She has worked in political science, engineering, and even eSports before transitioning into advocacy aimed at supporting and empowering survivors of domestic violence, where developing skills around compassionate communication and cognitive resilience were key.

Accompanying her efforts with CareStarter, Gillian volunteers with organizations in Austin focused on reproductive justice, improving opportunities for people experiencing homelessness, and more. Her adaptable, detail-oriented approach to problem solving is a core asset to advancing healthcare in the digital era, and her passion for helping others drives the desire to see positive change move forward.

You can reach Gillian at