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Survey Less.
Know More.

Understanding your stakeholders is crucial for effective decision-making & successful mission execution.




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Contract rapidly with our single-award IDIQ.

Programs that want to use digital ethnography (DE) as a driver to improve services delivered to stakeholders can now use our single-award IDIQ to launch projects rapidly.  

With nearly 100 labor categories and a broad range of tasks, task order requests can include new IT development, operational support, communications and outreach and a host of other activities along with our proven Digital Ethnography (DE) services.

We can support nearly any project where DE can be used to identify and respond to your stakeholders’ true needs. Task types and labor categories are provided below, and we are excited to work with government customers and partner companies for creative solutions.

CAGE CODE: 88pc7

CareStarter Feedback IDIQ Capability Statement July 2023

Statement of Work 
Task Types & Labor Categories Available for Task Order Requests

CareStarter Statement of Work Response to Solicitation FA228023R0006 THUMBNAIL

Gain deep insights into your stakeholders with our digital ethnography services.

Understanding your stakeholders is crucial for effective decision-making and successful mission execution. The power of digital ethnography (DE) offers you an unprecedented opportunity to gain deep insights into the thoughts, behaviors, and preferences of your stakeholders. At CareStarter, we specialize in harnessing the power of DE to provide you with actionable feedback that can transform your understanding of the military community.

With our digital ethnographic research methods, we go beyond traditional surveys and assessments, allowing you to truly connect with your stakeholders on a personal level. By immersing ourselves in their digital experiences, we capture rich, real-time data that reveals their authentic opinions and perspectives. This approach helps you uncover valuable insights that might otherwise remain hidden, enabling you to make informed decisions and implement strategies that resonate with your stakeholders.

Any group of stakeholders can be defined for study– from a global cohort such as “veterans”  or a limited group like “current and former employees”– and the information gained from DE will improve development of client-specific programs or applications, targeted marketing, product definition or any other activity that requires understanding of human behaviors.

By leveraging digital ethnography, you can:


Gain Real-Time Insights.  Monitor and analyze online conversations, social media, and digital communities to understand public sentiment, detect emerging issues and deter potential disruptive movements. Example: improve recruiting by understanding public sentiment about your organization.


Understand Social Dynamics.  Uncover previously unknown social networks, interactions and group behaviors – then use anthropology and behavioral science to understand the impact of these activities on your programs.


Inform Strategic Initiatives.  Use actionable intelligence, gathered from the stakeholders’ own words and actions, to support strategic planning, policy development and mission execution. Identify areas of strength, address challenges and capitalize on opportunities that an ever-evolving digital landscape provides.


Enhance Engagement and Outreach.  Optimize communication strategies, improve stakeholder engagement, and build positive relationships by understanding their real concerns, preferences and expectations.

Our team has 14 years of experience pioneering the use of DE on behalf of our clients.

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Feedback, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CareStarter Technologies, Inc., goes beyond traditional surveys and assessments, capturing rich, real-time data that reveals stakeholders' authentic opinions and perspectives.  For over 14 years, our projects have provided social scientists, researchers, and data experts who adapt our proven DE methodologies to provide insight and new understanding into the thoughts, perceptions and actions of stakeholder groups.

See below for additional information about Feedback & DE.

Interested in adding DE to your programs quickly and easily using our sole-source IDIQ? 

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