Johnny Gasyna

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Principal Software Engineer

Johnny Gasyna began his engineering journey at the precocious age of 10, developing games on his Commodore 64 and running a BBS system on a 300 Baud Modem, then proceeded to earn a degree in Computer Science in 1999. Today, with more than 20 years of professional software engineering experience, Johnny is a prominent leader in the tech space. Keeping up with evolving technological standards and trends is his expertise, with a focus on security, DevOps, and distributed microservice architecture. He is known as a trusted advisor for creating efficiency where it does not exist, staying three steps ahead of the business needs, and delivering solutions that improve scalability for years to come. Prior to joining CareStarter, Johnny worked in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries and is credited with his contributions to software development through mentoring and facilitating team collaboration.

Johnny resides in Austin, TX where he can be found spending his free time outdoors, playing drums, and restoring vintage motorcycles.