Maribeth Slagle

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Provider Champion

As a military brat, Maribeth grew up moving every two to three years. Her experiences of having a mobile upbringing and living among diverse communities shaped her love for people, new adventures, and the many interests and endeavors she pursues as an adult.

In her professional life, Maribeth utilizes her life experiences, her passion for following the development of the child, as well as her Business Management and Montessori Education degrees to continue her work as an educational provider. Her work within integrated learning environments, from preschool to higher education, has encouraged her to value the learning process versus the outcome. When supporting the health of children and families, she enjoys brainstorming and offering creative solutions that empower families throughout their journeys. Maribeth enjoys the opportunity to transform ideas into something great, whether she’s working with projects, concepts, or even just prepping a batch of salsa.

During time away from work, Maribeth enjoys doing anything with her favorite people in the world, her husband, Bryan and son, Taylor.