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Who we are:

CareStarter is a tech startup unlike any other: a passion project, founded by a father of a child diagnosed with autism. Following her diagnosis at age five, he struggled to find the resources his daughter needed for treatment and care. CareStarter was born from this personal struggle and strives to assist families with finding quality resources to care for their special needs children.

In the civilian space, CareStarter has created a free mobile app that connects families with medical, educational, therapeutic, family support, and recreational resources. Children, teens, and young adults can find the resources they need to live healthier and happier lives.

What we are doing for Travis Air Force Base:

A whole network of care right in your hands!

CareStarter, a civilian tech company, has partnered with Travis AFB to improve the experience of military members and families who have special health care needs. This project will empower the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) participants to request and locate the care that they need. We are no longer limited to just young people with special health care requirements. We will be happy to provide a CareMap to any EFMP member, including adults and seniors!

We are doing our best to get a CareMap to every inbound family before they arrive. If you are coming to Travis AFB and have not received a CareMap, you can request one HERE.

Help us help you! Please take our Family Survey.

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Your feedback and participation are critical to the development of our program. We are reaching out to ensure that the service we design does an exceptional job of meeting the diverse needs of the many EFMP participants at Travis AFB; in order to make that service the best it can be, we need to hear what you need and want. In addition, participating in a small number of focus groups and surveys in the coming weeks.

Meet Jessica Hulter, Family Champion!

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Jessica has 15 years of experience as a primary caregiver, and has been a medical and educational advocate for a severely disabled child in multiple states, every Tricare region and countless school districts. She has navigated the EFMP PCS process six times. She is passionate about offering EFMP families an excellent support network and quality, compassionate care. Reach out to Jessica by scheduling a call here.

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