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CareStarter and Travis Air Force Base = Resilient Families

Travis AFB has partnered with CareStarter to improve the experience of military members and families who have special health care needs. The pilot objectives hope to improve family readiness for the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) members by standardizing processes and highlighting the many available care resource providers within their community.

Act Locally and Impact Globally!

A whole network of care right in your hands!

CareStarter is a fully automated care management platform designed by caregivers for caregivers, connecting families to an ecosystem of medical, educational, therapeutic, family support, and recreational resources.

By providing their services, area resource providers are actively meeting community need and bringing health and resilience to their communities. Our goal at CareStarter is to highlight those services so that incoming families have up-to-date information about what your resources offer when they arrive at Travis Air Force Base. When a military family receives their travel determination, a family is notified of the area resources that are most relevant to the age and diagnosis of their special care family member.

Here are a few ways you that area providers are supporting family resilience within the military community:

  • Offering fair – flexible price options…with military discounts, TRICARE acceptance, and out of pocket pay options.
  • Offering short waitlist times when moving to the area
  • Offering innovative ideas and ways to connect with EFMP families, sharing relevant support and event information
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Meet Maribeth Slagle, Provider Champion


Maribeth’s experience as an educational provider has given her an appreciation of the wide net of resources that communities have to offer when supporting the child and family. It is inspiring to see the various community professionals that continue to emerge within a family’s special care journey!

Connect with CareStarter

If you would like to share your resource with incoming military families, support them with military discounts/scholarships, take TRICARE insurance, offer flexible pay options, or just want to highlight events or meetings that you offer, please email me, schedule a call, or add your event below. Together we can support patients and families on their special care journeys. I look forward to hearing from you soon!