CareStarter Announces Baylor Scott and White Deal at Health Wildcatters Pitch Day

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The innovative "patient first" app announces Baylor Scott and White McLane Children's Hospital deal that will give the families of children with chronic illness access to digital resources through the new CareStarter mobile app

Dallas, TX -- Nov 20, 2013 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- CareStarter today joined the first class of 12 startups at the first Pitch Day for Health Wildcatters, Dallas' newest accelerator focused on health technology. Pitch day is a culmination of the 12-week program that began in late August. The event will feature investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Health Wildcatters focuses on healthcare innovation and its first class featured 12 startups, including CareStarter. During its presentation to potential investors, CareStarter was introduced by Dr. Alma Golden of McLane Children's Hospital, which has just signed a letter of intent to deploy the CareStarter app to patients, starting with pediatric patients at the Baylor Scott and White McLane Children's Hospital in Temple, Texas. McLane Children's is the leading pediatric referral hospital in Central Texas, and serves families from around the state.

CareStarter is the first app that gives patients and their families' access to information and resources that can help them manage every facet of life after the diagnosis of a chronic medical condition. By delivering information tailored to each patient's diagnosis, and offering care givers at least 10 options for every kind of necessary resource -- from medical care through nutrition, respite care, education and a host of other support services -- the CareStarter app removes the fear, desperation, and doubt that make life harder than it has to be for patients and their families.

CareStarter CEO and founder Lamarque Polvado made the company's pitch to potential investors today, focusing on how CareStarter works with health care systems to deliver information to families, and explaining the company's business model and the current status of the company's growth plan. The announcement of the deal with Baylor Scott and White for McLane Children's was made during the presentation.

"We've completed our beta test, and have achieved our goal of 100 customers and more than 5,000 users," Polvado told the Health Wildcatters audience at the George W. Bush Institute today.


CareStarter sorts, filters, and delivers information on all of the resources needed by patients and families living with a chronic illness. Unlike other healthcare information services that focus on a single disease, or on referrals to a physician for an acute illness, CareStarter delivers recommendations that are appropriate for each stage of the patient's life.

Currently in final development after a successful beta, the CareStarter app will be launched in the fall of 2013 as a regional resource in five Texas cities (Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Temple/Waco), and will roll out nationwide on a city-by-city basis over the next two years.

For more information about CareStarter, contact the company at info@carestarter.co or www.carestarter.co

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