CareStarter Launches San Antonio Special Needs Resource Guide

CareStarter Technologies today launched the first digital resource guide to help the families of pediatric patients navigate their child’s ongoing care journey. The Connections app, an Android, iOS or Web-based application, is a free, easy-to-use information and referral resource for the families, regardless of their insurance coverage or diagnosis.

Lamarque Polvado, CEO of CareStarter, says that the Connections app solves a problem that nearly every caregiver has faced. “From the moment a child receives a diagnosis, the reality is that finding reliable information on the available resources to help your child can seem like an ongoing battle. Medical resources alone aren’t enough. A child with special needs required medical, therapy, education, recreation, nutrition and family resources.”

Created by CareStarter Technologies, in partnership with the Connections Project and numerous provider partners throughout the state, the Connections App helps families by delivering appropriate resources for the specific needs of each child and their family.

Caregivers in other Texas cities have already discovered the peace of mind that comes with having instant access to the most relevant resource information available for pediatric patients with special care diagnoses. The Connections App is currently available in Dallas, Central Texas (Waco/Temple/Killeen), Houston, and Austin, and is available in San Antonio for the first time this week.

Personalized Resources for Each Child’s Needs

The Connections App creates a unique experience for each family by delivering information based on personalized profiles. Age, diagnosis, zip code, and insurance are all considered before the app delivers resource options, helping families identify potential local resources that are appropriate for their child’s needs – and covered by their insurance provider, even if the coverage comes from Medicaid or CHIP.

The Connections app delivers a 360° network of care around a specific diagnosis. The family is empowered, Polvado says, to make their own decisions and choices about their child’s care because the app provides ready access to information that isn’t available elsewhere.

A caregiver helping more than one individual simply creates a profile for each patient, resulting in different tailored resource lists for each individual. Providers and resources can be added to bookmark lists and shared with family members, babysitters, or other caregivers.

Support from the Special Care Industry

CareStarter has developed a network of healthcare industry partners who have come together to support the Connections App. These providers believe in CareStarter’s mission to improve the diagnosis experience by helping families find resources to guide them along their care journey.

Lamarque Polvado, CEO and founder of CareStarter says, “Our amazing partners believe in our mission of empowering the caregivers of pediatric patients, and have contributed to the success of this project. Without their commitment to serving you and your family, the Connections App would not be possible. This is a complete industry-funded endeavor. Each featured provider believes wholeheartedly in supporting every family’s care journey though free information. We encourage you to check out their services and ask them why they chose to sponsor this project.”

San Antonio partners include: Ability Pediatrics Therapy, Alight Pediatric Therapy Clinic, Angels of Care, Anything for the Kids, Assure Home Health, A thru Z Pediatrics, Autism Community Network, Behavioral Innovations, Brain Balance Center of San Antonio, Child's Play Therapeutic Homecare, Circle Care 4 Kids, CRIT USA, Epic Healthcare Services, Himmel Home Health, Human Care USA, Innovative Seating & Mobility, Learning Foundations, Learning RX - San Antonio, Little Engine Home Care, Monarch Academy, National Nursing & Rehab, Special Kids Care, Specialty Prosthetics and Orthotics of Texas, Star Medical, Texas Kids Home Therapy, The Shape of Behavior, Therapy 2000, and the UIW Eye Institute. Additional partners will be added in the future, and resource information is not limited to healthcare providers who have partnered with CareStarter or the Connections Project.

Free Information for All Stages of a Family’s Care Journey

New resources, featured partners, and updated provider profiles are added to the app regularly. “Whether a family is dealing with the confusion and fear that come with a brand-new diagnosis, or navigating the different stages of a child’s life and the challenges that come as they grow and need different kinds of resources, the information available through the Connections App can keep up with their needs. This is a resource built for the parents of children with special needs by other parents and the healthcare professionals who serve them,” Polvado says.

The Connections App is free and available for download at

CareStarter is actively seeking feedback from caregivers to improve the Connections App. Polvado says, “We’re constantly looking for new ways to make this resource as useful as possible for caregivers, and their input is extremely valuable in that process.”

About CareStarter Technologies

CareStarter Technologies is revolutionizing continuity and scope of care between pediatric patients and healthcare systems at the point of diagnosis. CareStarter strives to give all families access to information, inspiration, and 360° degrees of care from the moment of diagnosis. By partnering with the Connections Project and the provider community in Texas, CareStarter has been able to bring thousands of resources to caregivers throughout the state. For additional information, contact CareStarter at or check out for more information.