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We believe
patients are people.

By persistently illuminating, understanding, and advocating for populations, we deliver a custom network of care for every individual.

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CareStarter is
a health tech startup with heart.

(It's even in our logo.)

We believe
that all individuals deserve to thrive on their life journey.

CareStarter is an automated care management platform designed by caregivers for caregivers, assisting Healthcare to connect families to an ecosystem of resources.

By persistently reaching out to providers and care coordinators, we seek to understand special care in a new way– one which focuses on the whole family.  

CareStarter brings synergy to health care delivery through understanding health stakeholders, building & maintaining a network of care, & connecting patients to an ecosystem of resources that support care and improvement of health outcomes during one's care journey.

CareStarter delivers customized CareMaps to CareMembers.

CareMaps are lists of resources designed around age, location, & diagnosis.

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Resources are delivered in six categories:
Education, Family, Medical, Nutrition, Recreation, & Therapy.

Let's connect & collaborate.