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Explore how the CareStarter mobile app can help you find community resources across ALL areas of life!


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CareStarter Highlights


Following a new partnership last year with Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) CommuniCare Health Centers in San Antonio, CareStarter has completed their first case study. This case study reviews the impacts of the CareStarter platform on care management across a number of topics, including patient reach, risk analysis and management,


In the latest chapter of expanding information and resources available to caregivers, we are proud to introduce CareStarter 3.0. With adjustments to the app interface and search mechanics, as well as the addition of the user-requested Event Module, we seek to continue improving your options to connect with others and find the best resources for the path you choose in caring for your loved ones.


We've been working hard on building and establishing a group of tutorials for new app users. The team has worked closely with app users and has developed a series of app and tech tutorials to help you get the most out of the CareStarter app.

CareStarter Tutorial Library Resources

New app users receive a series of emails and tutorials delivered to their email inboxes over the course of the first few weeks after downing the app and creating a profile. Here is a list of our tutorials that you can easily access from our CareStarter blog that includes photos and screenshots at your fingertips.

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The CareStarter team is excited to announce the release of the 3.0 version of our app! This update includes an addition that is crucial to share with providers - the Event Module. The Event Module is an option for providers to share their events in the app to improve visibility and attendance. Caregivers can utilize the app to browse or search for the events that they are interested in, ensuring mutually beneficial use of the CareStarter app.