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Following a new partnership last year with Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) CommuniCare Health Centers in San Antonio, CareStarter has completed their first case study. This case study reviews the impacts of the CareStarter platform on care management across a number of topics, including patient reach, risk analysis and management,


As of the latest update, on August 29th at 4pm, 15 trillion gallons of water had fallen on Houston as a result of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey. This is an immense disaster for Texas caregivers and patients, and we are focused on keeping the CareStarter family safe, resourced, and always with another place to turn.


On November 1, 2016, HHSC rolled out the new STAR Kids managed care program across Texas, which has brought significant changes and challenges to our provider partners and families. The CareStarter team has been very involved in the process of disseminating information to our network in the last year both before and during this rollout.


Trenell Walker is a Ziglar Legacy certified trainer. At the tender age of 14, he experienced a tragic accident playing high school football that left him paralyzed from the neck down. In his eyes, temporary defeat does not mean permanent failure because nothing beats a failure but a try. This Caregiver Inspirational Series allowed CareStarter CEO Lamarque Polvado to talk with Trenell about his journey from desperation to inspiration.


The CareStarter Farm Party and Bonfire was a big success! It was truly amazing for us to gather such a diverse and amazing group of people on my farm in String Prairie, TX. String Prairie has a population of 34 people, so with over 50 people at the party, we nearly tripled the population for a day! Some came early, most came later, but it was clear that fun was had by all.


CareStarter is thrilled to be hosting a new series of webinars: the Caregiver Inspirational Series! This series is focused on sharing the stories of caregivers like you, with the goal of empowering you in your journey with the person you care for, as well as coming together as a community to turn that inspiration into action.


In the latest chapter of expanding information and resources available to caregivers, we are proud to introduce CareStarter 3.0. With adjustments to the app interface and search mechanics, as well as the addition of the user-requested Event Module, we seek to continue improving your options to connect with others and find the best resources for the path you choose in caring for your loved ones.


The CareStarter team is excited to announce the release of the 3.0 version of our app! This update includes an addition that is crucial to share with providers - the Event Module. The Event Module is an option for providers to share their events in the app to improve visibility and attendance. Caregivers can utilize the app to browse or search for the events that they are interested in, ensuring mutually beneficial use of the CareStarter app.


If you have ever had the chance to rub shoulders with people who have true vision and passion you know that it is a special opportunity and experience. Last week I had the privilege of being in a room full of leaders who are focused on serving teens and young adults in the transition and independent living segment of the Pediatric Special Care industry. From the moment I walked into the first session I realized that I was participating in something incredibly special. There were leaders from 21 different states representing 47 different types of transition and independent living resources. It was not by chance that this meeting was taking place at Marbridge in south Austin, Texas. Marbridge has been a thought leader in this space for the last 50 years and is one of our newest featured partners on the CareStarter platform.

What is Marbridge?

It was clear to me that this group came together to network and share...


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When my daughter, Ashlyn was five years old, she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. It was after her diagnosis and experiencing the frustration, stress and overwhelming emotions that I made the decision to find a better way. The last ten years have led me on a path committing to building technology that can empower patients and help them access care and resources in their own unique way. The impersonal experiences that myself and family encountered fueled the creation of CareStarter and our commitment to resources for parents and caregivers at their fingertips.

It’s been 10 years since Ashlyn's autism diagnosis. For those parents and caregivers, I can tell you it gets easier. Me and my family still have many milestones and years to go but with more research and information available for parents and healthcare professionals than...